#₿-bcc-giveaway | https://discord.gg/JxMNabw

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#₿-bcc-giveaway | https://discord.gg/JxMNabw

Mmm, no no no!!! bitconnect Community BCC Giveaway!

BCC BlockChain: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/bcc
BCC GitHub: https://github.com/bitconnectCoin/bitconnectCoin

  1. Requirements
  2. New Members
  3. Existing Members
  4. 4 Ways To Sync BlockChain
  5. Support
  6. GiveAway Dates

To participate you must have a computer that runs Windows, Linux or MacOS and be willing to run the full-node, from the bitconnectCoin BCC GitHub.

To acquire the full-node GUI wallet, please navigate to #🏄-bcc-onboard and select the OS and BCC wallet brand you want to use. links are within this post too.

You must also post a picture of your address, (as shown within in the accompanying image of this post), of your address within your wallet, to verify you’re participating in the blockchain network). Otherwise Your Win Is Re-Rolled!!!

You must select the emoji to be in it to win it 🎉

There are also optional tools created from this Discord to help sync BCC blockchain, via bitconnectCore GitHub tools.

New Members
To Do:

  1. Verify As Human On Discord With Phone.
  2. Select Your OS & bitconnect Brand User Interface Preference.

Windows Wallet Direct Download https://github.com/bitconnectcoin/bitconnectcoin/blob/master/setup/bitconnect-window-wallet/bitconnect-qt.zip?raw=true | https://github.com/bitconnectcoin/bitconnectcoin/blob/master/setup/bitconnect-window-wallet/bitconnect-window.zip?raw=true

Linux Wallet Direct Download https://github.com/bitconnectcoin/bitconnectcoin/blob/master/setup/bitconnect-linux-wallet/bitconnect-linux-qt.zip?raw=true | https://github.com/bitconnectcoin/bitconnectcoin/blob/master/setup/bitconnect-linux-wallet/Bitconnect-Ubuntu16-64bit.tar?raw=true

MacOS Wallet Direct Download https://github.com/bitconnectcoin/bitconnectcoin/blob/master/setup/bitconnect-mac-wallet/bitconnect-mac.zip?raw=true | https://github.com/bitconnectcoin/bitconnectcoin/blob/master/setup/bitconnect-mac-wallet/Bitconnect-mac.zip?raw=true

  1. Move The Wallet Executable Into An Appropriate Folder & Make Shortcut To Boot From.
  2. Sync blockchain from scratch with block explorer or with community boost.
  3. Back up your wallet with your address offline.
  4. Paste picture of address within wallet and address

Existing Members
To Do:

  1. Create new address if needed and save it
  2. Paste address and picture of address within wallet

There’s 4 Ways To Sync The BCC BlockChain From The BlockChain Explorer:

  1. Run the wallet an try to connect
  2. Create your own bitconnect.conf file and place it in the bitconnect AppData folder (OS specific). With nodes from; https://chainz.cryptoid.info/bcc/#!network - And Sync The BlockChain From Scratch
  3. Grab a community made bitconnect.conf file from GitHub; https://github.com/bitconnectCore/bitconnect-peers/archive/master.zip - And Sync The BlockChain From Scratch
  4. Download community made bootstrap (1GB) from GitHub: https://github.com/bitconnectCore/bitconnectCoin-blockchain-bootstrap/releases/download/1.0/bitconnect.zip - Still Requires Time To Sync


Giveaway Days Ending Between 3pm-11.50pm CEST Per Event

  • June; 11th, 13th, 15th,17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th & 29th
  • July; 1st, 3rd, 5th & 7th
  • 14 Giveaway Days, Across Almost 1 Month
  • 4 BCC Per Giveaway
  • 56 Coins To Be Given Away


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