Good to 'see' you! Needles? I bet you're on pins!

Good to be back! And to see you here too! How are things going in Hive world?

It's a bit quiet but I'm sure you'll soon shake things up:) There are still a few of the old crew around but many more have disappeared. Good luck with the barge and the baby projects. Plenty of good content there!:)

Great to see you around again. Have fun on your boat. Mixing that up with parenthood is an adventure. You really have to cut down on possessions when space is that limited and I would struggle with that.

I wish you fair winds.


Yes! This is gonna be one of our biggest challenges!! Especially with a baby 👶

Niiice house boat! Goood to see you in this neck of the woods


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Hey @beanz! Glad to see you're doing well. Enjoy the house boat life! Congrats on the baby, we are expecting as well!

Congratulations!! ❤