Beautiful Sunday / 💛 The Guácharo Cave (Caripe - Venezuela) 💛

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Hello friends, today I will share with you a walk through a very beautiful and impressive place in my country:

💛 The Guácharo Cave (Caripe - Venezuela) 💛

Guacharo 3.jpg

One of the best known caverns in Venezuela is the Cueva del Guácharo (Alejandro de Humboldt Natural Monument), according to Humboldt it is "a scenic, geological and biological jewel". It is located in Caripe, Monagas state. It has an area of ​​15,500 hectares and is under the shelter of Inparques. The tour is dazzling due to the strange formations on the walls of the cave and the cries of the birds that live in the place, among them the guácharo stands out but there are many colorful birds such as the guacharaca, the turpial, the paují de copete. .. In the afternoon you can see one of the most impressive spectacles in the cave: the exit of the Guácharos.
The cave is formed by limestone rocks and has stone formations that reflect figures such as a dancing couple, Las Tetas de Maria Guevara, a turtle and all that the visitor can create in their imagination.

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Must be a well visited tourist attractions.
I found it was discovered at the end of the 18th century from wikipedia:

It is very visited. It is a very interesting place, always the tour is done in groups with their respective guides. Honestly, it's a bit creepy (very creepy, or rather, haha)

That is indeed a beautiful hike, I feel both thrilled and sacred by caves as I lost some friends in one once but those photos are amazing

The first photo reminds me of a crocodile opening its mouth. These caves do look amazing, but also a bit scary I imagine the sounds of all the birds just add to the atmosphere.

Amazing photographs, some of those limestone formations look like they might fall down at any time.

Thank you for sharing this exciting day out as your #SublimeSunday I throughly enjoyed it.

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