this is truely gorgeous! I have never heard of this place

I hadn't either until yesterday when I saw a trip heading here. So many places like this in China.

Noted on this place , if I have a chance on going back to beijing in the future.

resteemed ur post

Thanks mate!

yeah Nice view amzing it's a lake:)

Very good picture. Enjoy your Sunday!

wow I have never seen such a breathtaking place.

Yes it looks very nice. #ssg

That's marvellous! China amazes me with it's beauty. And I do not just mean the looks. I am currently staying in Changde, Hunan. Where in China are you?

That place looks awesome, there is so much to see in China !

amazing pic, hope you had a great time there...ive always wanted to visit china one day :)))

What a great boat ride it must have been.
It looks so beautiful and serene.
Just crack open a nice chilled drink and enjoy the spectacular views.
Great Shot @realcodysimon

So nice picture in this one too!