so bugger off

Bugger off? You must be from the UK. 😀

Bugger that for a joke :)

A little digging shows..., I should have realised... heh..

Don't dig too much, you never know what you might find!

thanks , yeah I take breaks cause the politics on here is annoying but thank you kindly for the lurve, love, whatever :) ;) (I lurk too but not too much lately cause it's sorta like watching the inside of a lunatic asylum at work) joking (I think) O.o

thank you for your continual support. Keep doing your secret squirrel stuff :)

So a British hive philanthropist..I thought the Queen had all the money.. Thanks 4 your low profile support.. @shralve

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And there I was trying to be secretive...

Well, that's actually a good success 😄😊👍
Have a nice day @shralve!

hahahahahaha ok - so you have upvoted the last 3 of my posts... and i come to find out more about you and this is what i find??? LOLOLOL

i love it!!!!

well - thank you ;)

i appreciate the support hehehe

a decentralized platform sometimes needs decentralized accounts!

Meh, not to nonjudgemental people.

then do a second post ;)

maybe on another account - but would that be worse?

1 acc 1 post only

there are methods to my madness...

It's all there for the ones that can see, the blind ones will always suffer in secrecy.

an experiment - is a pod of orcas a better use of HP than a lone whale?

conclusion - no, not really, Hive is a insiders only club...

Not all of hive is. @informationwar and @deepdives are great community initiatives. You probably have seen our communities and our tags #informationwar and #deepdives

I have, and they are good, but at it's core Hive is itself a deep dive. I will keep using it, but I'm removing my investments from all my accounts. Mostly already done. I did well, but this platform is not what it appears. Use it with care!