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RE: Beem Basics: Downloading a Day of Steem Blockchain Data

in #beem2 years ago

Thanks for the awesome description of what your code is doing. I am teaching myself Python and one of the goals is to be able to write code to extract personal STEEM stats, ie. posts, comments and other information that I came get from services like steemworld, but customised for myself and on a single page. The beem docs are currently still a little confusing for a noob like myself so posts like this are very helpful.


I'm glad if it is of any help. The beem docs can indeed be confusing when starting with beem, but they really contain a lot of information.

It is. I am going through some online courses to get more familiar with the workings of Python and that will help me follow your code better and the I will hopefully make better sense of the beem documentation.