The CROWDSALE of BEER rocks - More than 100 invests - BEER price went up

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Many thanks dear Steeminas and the BEER community

The actual Status of the CROWDSALE of BEER and yes, we got the first 103 Steemians who support our fun project with around 1449 STEEM - means we are heading to the next goal to get a Proof of Stake of BEER.

WE love to get your more help to reach that goal of 2000 ENG / STEEM.

crowdsale beer status 11.8.19.png

Today we reached
1449,16 STEEM
means we are at
72,46 precent of goal 2

So, please spread the word and feel free tu re-use any of our graphics and content.


Thanks to all that Steemians

See this nice graphic with all that great Steemians who got already some BEER from the @beerlover

crowdsale beer status circle 11.8.19.png

This are that early Investors, so please follow them to grow as well your BEER network a bit.

@harlhana @pjansen @jeanpi1908 @cryptobrewmaster @runridefly @pizzaboy77 @fishyculture @shadowmask @bucipuci @mcoinz79 @city-of-dresden @phoenixwren @steevc @mermaidvampire @jamethiel @rondras @browery @alexvan @wakeupkitty @isnochys @cervisia @harveyword @kissi @donald.porter @johannpiber @khaimi @tggr @ervin-lemark @connecteconomy @skramatters @crimo @enm1 @muelli @joanstewart @dreimaldad @jsantana @molometer @lordvdr @lotto-austria @reiseamateur @tazi @ayjoe @depot69 @misan @forever-crypto @augustimo @pundito @kadna @amico @mad-runner @johannpiber @condeas @ibc @dmilliz @oldtimer @felander @coolsurfer @toofasteddie @enthef @bashadow @cindyhartz @definethedollar @ervin-lemark @miti @tomhall @saboin @bucipuci @altobee @zekepickleman @detlev @c3r34lk1ll3r @donald.porter @meeplecomposer @tggr @crimo @johannpiber @bucipuci @chrisparis @browery @mad-runner @ervin-lemark @reiseamateur @abitcoinskeptic @backinblackdevil @altobee @kieny @saboin @aulia1993 @preparedwombat @johannpiber @mcoinz79 @elteamgordo @bluerobo @fonteynb @saboin @pompe72 @backinblackdevil @dk-goes-actifit @actifit-devil @seckorama @detlev @lightcaptured

The actual bookkeeping

To have everything transparent, here you see the latest version of our bookkeeping.

Number 100 got a 100% Bonus, means ...

Steemian @actifit-devil
and he got 100%
more BEER - means double!

Who will be the number 111 or number 150 or the one with the biggest invest?

We already have a few Steemians who did a 100 STEEM or 50 STEEM deal. Even @reiseamateur and @detlev spend 150 STEEM the last days. Even now, after a week, we start to get the funds that @detlev invested in some big upvotes to promote the CROWDSALE. He leave all this funds to @beerlover to get the upgrades.

Our original post is here

A few days ago we wrote all that information about the CROWDSALE from @beerlover where you just send him some STEEM to get for each 0.15 STEEM one BEER token.


Exchange some Steem for some BEER and support the new development of the next steps of the BEER token.


The Link

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - BEER token is working as well on the development of some games, tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun and BEER and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover


Let’s go finish that goal 2!
I’m all in !beer


That is a powerful call and the @beerlover delivered a lot BEER to your virtual fridge.

Many many thanks for your supoort

I have resteemed, upvoted, given you a shoutout today on the #cryptopub, AND sent you some steem.

We will get there and my fridge will be constantly full!

Yoooo, thanks for all the efforts and greetz to the #cryptopub

Some BEER is now in your virtual fridge and one !BEER comes here.

Interessant das sich kein großer Namen als Investor findet.....
dachcolonie, dtube, blocktrades, steemmonster, und und und
Vor allem bei den Steem Preis wo gerade mal € 1,70.- für 10 Steem.....
Aber so kenn ich das, wo es nix zu holen gibt.....
(Aber wer weis, der BEER Token ist ja gestiegen....)

Super finde ich, das die kleinsten sich anschliessen, das nenn ich mal Community!! Sogar eine Internationale!! 👍 👍

lg 🤠

Wer weis zeigen die kleinen jetzt dass sie auch ohne die große wachsen können und etwas zu standen bringen ... oder die sind da wenn es etwas zu holen gibt. #150 sein zum Beispiel.

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!tipuvote 1.0

This post is supported by $0.31 @tipU upvote funded by @reiseamateur :)
@tipU voting service: instant, profitable upvotes + profit sharing tokens | For investors.

ja, das wächst und die Community rockt es.
Aber zumindest @steem-eng hat direkt ein paar hundert BEER gekauft.

Danke für Deine Unterstützung und dafür ein !BEER

Getting closer!


Keep the hops going/growing, summer is coming down south soon, well done @beerlover

game on!

Ahh I love BEER! May have to join in on this beer run!!

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we love to get your help

Hey @beerlover, is the airdrop over? I tried to give 2 BEERs today and nothing happened. About 30 minutes ago and the previous times it was almost instant.


Thank you!

saw this already today - development is working on this.

had the same issue

Let‘s try again a !BEER for you.

Thanks and cheers :D
I already gave 2 away today ;)
Have a great day!

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @lightcaptured, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our [BEER Crowdfunding](

Not sure what this has to do with Reggae, #jahm, or Jamaica. But I bought me a 12 pack of digital suds in support!

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Thanks for mentioning. I like to contribute with my little bit to the mill :-)

cheers, 🙏 bless up

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Das sieht ja schon sehr gut aus! Steem On! LGG

danke, ja das ziel ist in sichtweite

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Funktioniert der command !BEER nur bei mir momentan nicht, oder generell?
Habe 100 gestaked und 24 in der Balance aber kann irgendwie keine verschicken.

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @beerlover, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our [BEER Crowdfunding](

Spread the word under my posts, hopes it works. 💕

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je découvre mais je comprend pas tout je parle très mal anglais !beer

Le jeton BEER veut financer à travers le crowdsale les prochaines étapes du développement. Chaque Steemian qui transfère du STEEM au @beerlover reçoit un jeton BEER pour 0,15 STEEM et aide au développement.

by google translate

oui ça j'ai compris j'en ai stacké 10 mais je croyais que l'on pouvait en donner et gagner c'est ça dont je comprend pas le fonctionnement, merci de votre réponse, tchin

Nous créons la fonction Preuve de participation tout au long de la vente. Jetez un coup d'œil aux publications de BeerLover et utilisez Google Translate.

La distribution des gains est attendue à partir de la semaine prochaine.

translated from german to french be google