White Rabbit Tap 10 IPA Free Claim for Tier 2 Recipe holders and active community members!

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We kindly represent White Rabbit Brewery to the CryptoBrewMaster and NFT Community

Claim link here - https://neftyblocks.com/c/gocryptobrew/drops/92050

This NFT opens the possibility of brewing White Rabbit Tap 10 IPA exclusively in the CryptoBrewMaster game!

Here are some facts about White Rabbit you would like to know:

How to get WL?

  • Hold all tier 2 recipes in your Wax accounts before the snapshot (WED12pm UTC) - which makes you automatically eligible for the claim!
  • If you don't have Tier 2 recipes, get them via upcoming drop on Monday
  • Remain active at the BeerVerse Discord, follow the raids, and other social media engagement
  • Get L10 on the CryptoBrewMaster Discord before Wed 12 pm UTC to get whitelisted

Tier 2 Recipes Drop


CBM links


Hello .

I took the liberty of sending you a private message on PeakD to which you did not reply.

If you wish, my offer is still valid.

Happy Sunday to you and yours.