Beer and Pizza

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Beer and Pizza


Recently a new restaurant opened, just around the corner from where we stay. I t is named Boer Kombuis, which means Farmers Kitchen.

What I loved about this restaurant, is that they have a nice selection of craft beers on their menu, and they also have a pizza special on a Wednesday - buy one and get one free.

We thus visited the restaurant on a Wednesday.


I love dark beers, thus I went for the beer called ***Black Mist, which is a Black Ale.


This beer comes in a 330 ml bottle and has 5% alcohol.


It pours pitch black, with a rather small, off white, head on top. This beer did not disappoint, it tasted great.


The pizza was also really great, and at half price this was a real bargain!! It was delicious.


This restaurant will definitely see more of us in the near future, as I need to test the rest of their beers!!

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


I love the pizza bro @rynow looks delicious to me.. Hows the taste?

The pizzas really was great!

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Beer goes great with pizza. enjoy the moment and stay with us. Thanks 🙏

Thank you, I really enjoyed that pizza.

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