Clarence Brewery in Clarence.

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Clarence Brewery in Clarence.


A few days ago I wrote about our trip to Clarence and I also mentioned, that I could not get a Beer at the Clarence Brewery, due to it being packed. Later on the evening we however did find some space at the Clarence Brewery.


Right in the back of the photo, you can see an old split window VW Combi, in the foreground there is another VW Beetle and then there is also my VW Fastback


I do love my Stouts, thus, I ordered one, this one was an Oatmeal stout with an alcohol percentage of 5.5%. This one did not disappoint and I did enjoy it a lot.


My brother, his wife, his son, his son's girlfriend, my wife and I all enjoyed our time at the Brewery. We sat outside in the fresh, cool winter air, enjoying each others company and just having a good relaxing time. My wife had some gluhwein which she enjoyed a lot.


I was really glad that we could also taste some of the locally brewed craft beers, I always like to support the local small businesses, specially when they have quality products,, like this particular brewery.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


So beautiful moment I love it

I had a conversation today which involved vw beetles and kombis lol - that's so random. Really like the kombis - just like the one in your pic. Thanks for sharing.

I love those Kombi's as well but they are becoming very expensive.

Cheers! Nice trip, especially if you finish it in brewery. 😎🍻 !DHEDGE

Yes, the !BEER Breweries are always nice!!

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Thank you

It is a beautiful moment. Enjoy these things with everyone.Take care of your health, have a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing 🙏

Thank you so much.

That IPA on the menu looks pretty tasty, too

I agree, it looks like a great !BEER

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