Pickled Pig Porter and Pizza.

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Pickled Pig Porter and Pizza.


After our visit to the Clarence Brewery, it was time for some dinner. The restaurant we visited, had some Beers from The Nottingham Brewing Company, which happens to be the oldest Craft Brewery in South Africa.

Unfortunately, the photo of the Beer menu did not come out very well, but in any case, I selected the Pickled Pig, which is a Porter.



The restaurant had a nice wood fire, to warm up the restaurant very nicely.


The Porter looked great, pitch black, with a nice foamy head on top.


My brother also decided on the Porter, which was a great choice.


Like, I mentioned before, we went for dinner, and I ordered Pizza, which was another great choice.


We enjoyed our pizza and food, and also each others company a lot!!

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


That pizza looks divine! Hope it was nice and hot, veeeeery lightly crispy, yet at the same time soft to bite through.. and the moment you do, a tiny amount of steam escapes into your mouth - while the cheese stretches. Ok, I'm sold lmao :)

Great description, of exactly what it was like!!

Pickled Pig was a great hit with me when we visited the region and tested the beers, lovely surroundings at the Brewery some years ago.

Clarens has so much to offer throughout the region, hidden between farms and mountains a great place to explore tasting a bit of the country.


Looking so beautiful and pizza and beer 🍺🍻 is my favorite

It was great.


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Beastin my bro. !BEER and !PIZZA is classic. Cool spot. Keep rockin.


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