30k Hive Power

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So I just realized I finally broke 30,000 Hive Power! This a celebration post of the accomplishment and a thank you post to a lot of people who have been with me for years.


I joined Steem/Hive back in 2018 and slowly grew my account. I’ve done a lot of blogging and have purchased a fair amount of Hive over the years. I have been heavily involved in the #beersaturday #silvergoldstacker and #leofinance communities.


Is crazy to see my vote value nowadays as I remember it very well when it was just dust!

Thanks to everyone who makes this blockchain a fun place to hangout and chat.tou guys make this platform what it is @bozz @detlev @silversaver888 @silverd510 @tarazkp @niallon11 @taskmaster4450 @edicted


Congratulations! Not too shabby

Getting there right? Now it's time to meet new people and grow my engagement. I feel like 30k HP gives you a good vote value to help others out.

Indeed, I'm working my way up too slowly but surely

Congratulations on reaching 30k HP.

Thanks man! You have been with me for a long time I appreciate all the comments and interactions we have had.

Wow! Congratulations on this milestone and more success on your way. It's not easy to have achieved such feet. I'm sure your perseverance and commitment make it work up.

It has not been easy. There have been plenty of up and downs, but it's the community that has kept me here.

Hmm, I applaud your commitment and perseverance all these while.

Congratulations @cryptictruth and that's a big milestone!

Thanks all the silvergoldstackers have kept me around!

Wow a big congratulations to you 🎊

You have really come a long way to active that feet

Thanks I feels good I have fallen behind my original goals but it's cool to see my USD value has remained fairly constant through this bear market. That means when we see the next bull market I should be happily rewarded.

Yea. I am also working towards that. I am working towards hitting my first 1,000 hive power

All I can say is keep writing and interacting. The more you interact the quicker your account grows.

Hmmm. Thank you for that quality advice. I will keep to that

Hey, congrats on hitting that mark! It's no small task these days during the bear! I made a little trip to Short's today in Bellaire and it made me think of you!

Thanks! Short's is not far from our cabin. Did you guys eat there they have really good food. I'm also not up here during the week so hopefully it was not too bust. We have gone on weekends and its been a 3 hour wait for a table.

No, we didn't get food because we get free dinner at Grand Traverse for the conference. Short's was not busy at all. We went to the original location, not the new building they built. They have a jalapeno infused Mexican beer and a bloody Mary inspired beer right now that were both really good!

Nice milestone.
30K is a great number to hit and only upwards from here.
Next stop 50K.

I'm working towards an engagement goal vs. HP goal now that I'm at 30K. I'm looking to expand my network and go for at least 10 comments on a post and try to get above 10 hive earned per post. I'm also going to be trying to comment at least 10 times a day on other people's posts.

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Wow... CONGRATULATIONS, @cryptictruth!!!
Consistently stacking staking is the key!!!
Woot, woot!!!

Wow, many many congratulations on this big achievement. Hope you will reach 50k soon as well.

That’s quite an accomplishment. Congrats, interaction with people is important. We all learn from each other, we all know about different things. That’s the fun part.

Thanks for being such a great member of the beer community.

We are growing as we had 50+ entries this week with the help of the INLEO Zealy campaign

That sounds pretty rounded, congratulations! You are close to enter the Hive #Top-500. Have a hot !PIZZA to celebrate this.


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Congratulation bro

Congratulations! A feat I hope to one day eclipse!

I myself am very much interested to have more HP but due to the bad situation in our country I have to withdraw money daily and every month because I have to spend money and I can't live without it now. But in time to come I will collect it in the same way.

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