Brightside IPA - Beer Review

They say always look on the brighter side of life. How about drinking it! Brightside IPA is a hop forward IPA that’s bitter and citrus heavy. There’s so much negative energy everywhere I’m needing my daily beer more than ever. I had to go into work for the first time in person so that was some added stress I was not looking forward to either. This beer hit the spot once I got home. The drinking experience was like a fine cigar. It we mellowing and was able to provide a nice buzz while it melted away the day’s stress.


The beer is beautiful with loads of carbonation streams. A nice pillowy rocky head and a bright yellow color that shined in the fading sun.


The aroma is bright and complex for an IPA. I get citrus and hoppy buttering notes that are common with the style. I also get a bit of alcohol which is welcomed with a slightly higher ABV.


The flavor is clean and refreshing. It starts with citrus which turns to early hoppy notes. It’s finishes bitter on the lips, but slightly sweet in the mouth. It’s an interesting sip. They took some care in Brewing the beer.


That flavor carries over to that mouthfeel. It’s sweet and slightly bubbly on the palate. It’s one of my more favorite beers they ha e brewers. It’s that balanced flavor, aroma and fun mouthfeel that makes this beer stand out.


I might have to try this one if I ever see it in the store. Still trying to take advantage of the Oktoberfests before they are gone like I mentioned the other day. Is this also from that case that you got to review?

Good memory yes it is. I have one more beer that they wanted me to promote. I’ll be doing a post on that shortly. I also have a few Octoberfest beers I’ll be reviewing too. We will ha e to compare notes.

For sure! My list is much shorter this year than last year. I had one down in Ohio that I can't even tell you what it was because my wife ordered it for me. She saw Oktoberfest and stopped right there. I was parking the car. Then I got a case of Leini the other day.

I’ve never had leini is it good?

Yeah, sorry. I actually like the Leinenkugel better than the Sam Adams.

I'll have to try their version then.

hello dear friend @cryptictruth good afternoon
You are very right, the weather is not good, people are more pessimistic than ever. You need a beer to take things forward more calmly.
I love how you have described this beer, I think I would also like it.
I appreciate that you let us know
Have a wonderful afternoon