Weekend Roundup

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It was another great weekend were we headed up to our cabin. With the leaves coming down and the winter starting to creep in we needed to do a little yard work to make sure the grass does not get smother by a blanked of leaves.

After a bit of that early work on Saturday morning we decided to head over to the lake do some hiking. We ended up doing a little over 2 miles and spent a good amount of time in the beach to let our dogs play around.


After that we ended up going to local brewery called Shorts. It sounds like a missed catching up with @bozz by a few days. We picked this spot for dinner because they had a little Halloween party going on so there was some live music which is fun.

The first beer of the night was a bourbon barrel aged beer called Bourbon Evil Urges. This is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale aged in bourbon barrels with a deep dark brown color and thick viscous allure. It has great sharp aromas of chocolate and molasses which is reminiscent of a rich liqueur.


The second beer was a Niro pumpkin ale which was so creamy with notes of pumpkin, spice and sweet malt that made this beer extremely drinkable.


It was at this time the band started and these guys were a fun mix of folk, country and indie rock. We ended up eating and hanging out for an hour while we watched everyone in costumes dance around.

On Sunday I ended up doing a little fishing and we headed home so I could do some leave at our house before the rain started. We ended up making some cookies for my wives work and watch a movie before passing out on the couch.

All in all it was a great weekend. Even with the work there was plenty of relaxing going on.


That does sound like a really great weekend. I should have taken care of our leaves on Saturday or Sunday, but I only have one leaf bag left, so I needed to wait for more to show up. I'll either have to deal with wet ones now or wait for them to dry out. Those look like some really nice beers!

It was a good time I always look forward to weekends like this.

Wow! Your weekends sounds enjoyable but whenever I planned to do something always some hurdle I have to face every weekend. I hope I'll also enjoy my weekend by hiking and many more things.

I hear that this was one of those weekend were everything went well. I'll tell you that's not very normal for me.

have a good weekend.

That Pumpkin ale looks delicious 🍻

The fact that it was on nitro made all the difference. It was much creamier and had an amazing silky mouthfeel.

This is a nice adventure. Seeing you working in the yard in order to prepare fully well for the winter is a good things to behold. I'm sure you do enjoy yourself particularly by having a chill beer with couple for friends.

Work hard play hard kind of weekend. I have so much yard work at my house and it's getting really cold. I think we are supppsed to get some snow this week!

You have done well to have taken that decision. They say,' prevention is better than care'. Doing this will limit your work load when the blast of winter comes to the fullest.

Very true it's way better to do it now than in the spring.

You must have really had a great weekend and enjoy it. My weekend was quite stressful and wasn't productive as I actually imagine

What's going on?

Things didn't went as planned. There was emergency engagement one needs to attend to

Got it will good luck and I hope things get better

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After all the hard work, there must be a day when man can sit and enjoy himself with complete freedom. Cheer's.

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