My #BeerSaturday post

Hello all, here my first #BeerSaturday for #hive.
I haven't tried the Steam Brew juries in so long that I forgot their taste. Accordingly, this injustice had to be corrected and I bought three of them. Today we are launching with Imperial Stout.
The artwork is very good snd designed in the style of Steampunk ;)

Ohhh, wait !Sothing hide in back of my beer. I will write it for mt next post. And for final, the beer is good with cake:


Hi @stefannikolov, great to have you this week.

Please drop your link to my week 147 main post as the challenge moved already....

Post lino on week 147. I don't made beer post for while, but will be back :)

тази е много добра, нали!?
наздраве! ;)

Оо, да. Взех и другите две, че съм ги пил преди две години. Забравил съм им вкуса :D