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I'm in Florida and the OPA World Championships are on just off our balcony. We've always avoided coming to these races just because there is always something to do here and we didn't think it was a big deal. We've read about it and that still didn't seem enticing enough for us to go. Now that we have a condo right in front of the event, we see how massive these cigar style racing boats are and the speed is incredible!


With BEOS in development, it seemed like a good idea to animate BEOS to explain what it is because like the racing boats, BEOS too is incredible and some times reading about it isn't enough for people to understand how unique it is.

You are free to use the animation. In fact, I hope you post it on your facebook page, perhaps your Twitter, Reddit, etc. I would also love any ideas you might have for a sequel too!

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Stan Larimer (The Godfather of Bitshares) post is here with Skyfall information. Or if you would like to visit the BEOS website click here

I hope you enjoyed my post, and I look forward to seeing where you use the animation.



So, what you're saying is that it would be really nice to have a server room on the moon? Sure, it's got a great view, but I'd feel bad for the IT staff! :-)

Have you taken out the 5D much? I bet the light down there in FL is amazing. It's surprising how much the light temperature and quality changes as you move south. I remember how warm the light in southern Spain was, even in the winter months. Minnesota is washed-out by comparison.

Those boats look like a lot of fun, too, although riding one might be a nail-biting experience. They look like they're really cruising!

Ha, I'd totally put my hand up to be part of the IT staff on the moon! These guys actually have an orbiting satellite (which I think is seriously cool) So, just like when I did the BEOS at sea for jurisdictional agility last year for jurisdictional agility, it's all close to being developed. I think it's brilliant.

The 5D is still disassembled from travelling, but I even brought my tripod this trip :) Last night we had one hell of a good storm so the race finals today should be interesting hehe

The satellite sounds awesome! I'm guessing it's one of those shoebox-sized ones that are popular these days? Incredible, how technology has changed and how much more cost-effective it has become to place technology in orbit.

Did your get photos of the storm? Lightning photos are fun! Well, as long as their taken from a she spot. Fried hair and glowing eyes aren't fun. You can use your phone as a wireless remote on the 5D Mark IV, right?

I'm hoping to be able to upgrade my photo equipment soon-ish. With my current salary, that may be next year though. I'm still trying to figure out how to sell my photography online, too. I want my own domain, but want orders automatically printed and sent directly to customers. The hitch is that I also want my contact details attached. The big online printers won't lightly print that on the back for me. I've kind of dismissed Etsy for photos, but may try drawings there.

Hello, friend!

Wow, the rooster tails coming off those racers are impressive!
Are they really noisy from where you're watching?

Thanks for having that nice vid created... I've re-steemed to help spread it around. Up with BEOS! :)



Hello back friend, great to see you on my post :)!! And very much appreciated with the resteem!
Glad you enjoyed the race pictures and yes, the big ones were Very loud. Our condo is front and center with only single-pane windows which are awesome to hear the surf 24/7, but it was hard to talk with the roar inside and out on the balcony. One of the big ones started their engine in the parking made a bunch of us jump at the same time hehe.

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