BEOS at Sea #9

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Don't miss out on the rainfall! If you are wondering how many more days of rainfall are left, click here

Beos at Sea is at Kauai, Hawaii!
The time goes by very quickly when you have only one day at a port and I hope you enjoy my photos.

I wonder if even Tiger Woods could make this hole?

Our ship in the background.

Always lush in the Hawaiian islands.

For a better understanding of BEOS at Sea, see Stan Larimer's post here

I hope you enjoyed my post, and I look forward to sharing BEOS at SEA daily with you, which is a perfect cruise for many days of "International Water"..."Jurisdiction, NONE"!!


Ahh, still having fun in the tropics I see. Looks quite amazing indeed. I'm pretty sure my Titleist would be in the large, blue drink on that hole. Probably more than one, if good old Mr. Multiple Mulligan had any say in the matter. I love the coconut weather system. I've seen a weather rock, but never a weather coconut. I think the rock is the low tech, high tech system. (How DO they get a string through a rock?) Those big questions of life that keep me up nights). Well, hope you keep having fun, I'm sure it will not be hard to do. We're with you in spirit, if not in the tropical 'real'. Cheers on more fine days in paradise.

Oh, that's priceless! Thanks for your comments!

Pretty! Do you get to try the hole from the ship? Lol.

Too funny, I'm sure a few would like to try :)

Always a delight to see your photos, and I've gotta love the weather equipment...

The BEOS coconut is definitely wet! ;)