Picking Berries in my Garden 🍓

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We have lots of berries growing in our garden. Because of the unusually warm and dry weather we have now in southern Norway, berries are ripe very early. Today I spent some time picking redcurrants, raspberries and blackcurrant. Here are some pictures from the lovely berrybushes in my garden.

Redcurants are small, red and pretty sour berries that makes great jam or jelly.

I have tree small raspberry bushes, they do not produce so many berries but they are very sweet and big

I put all the berries in the freezer so I can use them later in cakes or jam

If you have a freezer, it's a good Idea to store fresh summer berries so you can have a taste of sunsine on a cold winter day.

I wish you all a delightful summer

With Love


They seem so delicious. You are so lucky to have berries in your garden :)

Wow that's so many berries! I would love to have that many in our garden, you could make a lovely desert with all those!

Great to see all the berries with nice bright pictures. With your permission adding some health benifits of berries.
Berries help to improve blood sugar
It's full of fibers
It's full of nutrients
Berries fight against inflammation
Helps to lower cholesterol
Berries are good for skin
Finally the below idea which is great to taste those in different season.

it's a good Idea to store fresh summer berries so you can have a taste of sunsine on a cold winter day.

Thanks for sharing the post ma'am.

So beautiful looking and have a great summer. thank you so much for sharing with us.....@camilla

Those berries look so delicious, and the colours are so beautiful. Thats a real treat to be able to grow them in your own backyard.

Love berries ❤️😍 happy summer ✌️

Wow I love redcurrants! We used to have berries growing in our garden too but not anymore, this reminded me of how me and my sister used to spend hours picking redcurrants when we were little :)

Hii Camillal! Arn't we lucky to live in this beautiful country! Let's meet up, pick berries and enjoy the tropical weather in Oslo . You have to meet my sweet little munchkins! It was so nice getting to know you and your sister! Hope all is well<3

Ohhh!! Rips! Det vil jeg også ha i Hagen.