Hive is finally on FontAwesome!

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Greetings #Hivers,

you might have already noticed it: the #Hive logo has been finally added to, paid via the #DHF! (Proposal:

I want to thank @blocktrades for his major and crucial help in getting this done!

To see it in action, I've taken the honour and implemented the shiny new FontAwesome Hive logo into

The code snippet also shows how easy it is.

Which means: there are really no excuses to not exclude the Hive logo everywhere! 😜

With this said: #Hive on!



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I'm just curious, is there some benifits of having the hive logo in fontawesome? Sorry but I haven't heard this site.

Font Awesome is used by most sites for icons. Those tiny pictures you see on sites that represent buttons are usually just icons.

While it won’t likely result in a mass onboarding it is nice subtle exposure that has a long shelf life.

So that's what it is, it's not that bad. Thanks marky.

It also makes it easier for us to encourage people with a WordPress blog to add a small icon on their website to redirect their readers to their profile on Hive (similar to how most will have a button directing people to their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc).

Every little bit helps :)

That's interesting and would make a difference - makes Hive more "real" ;)

I thought.. WTF! ... That needed a proposal?
Then I read said proposal...
That costs $3000!? ... I'm back to WTF!

$3,000 is insane, but that's the cost. It is a one-time fee though and will forever be in Font Awesome that is used by a large portion of every website on the Internet.

That's awesome news!

This is great, I expected this proposal to pass faster honestly.

This is awesome :) love the Hive logo


That's longterm very good.