Betatest & Eval AutoTrading on using buttons and dials

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We are looking for a handful of active traders to betatest and evaluate our new trading-software for steem-engine.

The steem-exhanger is a windows desktop application written/coded in C# using .NET framework. This software allows traders to auto-trade all markets on, place countless buy/sell orders, scalping, spoofing, stop-loss, take-profit, remove all/selected orders, pumping/dumping/withdraw etc.

The software is 80% ready for shipping, and as betatester your function is to try and break the software, evaluate, suggest improvements and guide us to perfect the art by using the steem-exhanger to trade different steem-engine markets, report issues, request functionalities etc. As thank for your help and dedication you get to keep a software license for a year.

Screenshot 2020-03-02 13.01.46.png

Join us on for dialogue


Welcome back

First off, welcome back.

Second, dude we need your help with some witness votes. Are you not aware that Steem is under attack by Tron (Justin Sun)?

PLEASE consider voting for some real witnesses with your @payroll account if you care about decentralization.

Here's a cointelegraph article describing the situation:
Steem Community Stands Its Ground Amid Tron Takeover

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