Your opinion on how things can be better.

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Hello hive people. It has been a very long time. I got a serious engagement with the Nigerian Armed Forces that took all my time, but I am finding time out of my no time to bring this community back to life. Blogminth is a nitrous that used to be Broadhive. I acquired the community and changed the name, but the token remains BHT on the hive engine, and some forks still use the tag.

Activities on the projects have been down, but we are looking at a way to bring it back to life through the idea of “YOUR OPINION ON ANYTHING”. There are lots of wrongs in the world, it could be in the technology you use, the house you live in, the structure of your city, the shape of your gadget, the functionality of your technology or anything that is around you. If you have an opinion or a solution to something, this community will be happy to take them in. Also, do not mistake this for Rant, An ex-president said if you want to criticize me, criticize me with a solution. If something is not well done, then provide a solution in a way that can be made better.

The reward is still on the BHT token but we will be writing proposals to a couple of whales on the Hive blockchain to solicit their support in the community to reward creators. Posts that are published through the site go to the broad hive community on the hive blockchain so blogminth non URL curation can be done there.

There will be more posts through my account to seek support for creators in the community and further updates, when we have more users in the community we will switch announcements to the official account.

Thank you!