Aren't you tired of negative ROI bot?

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Why does using an upvote bot need to be profitable? I thought they were primarily for visibility? Making vote-buying profitable for the buyer simply makes a mockery of any content- and popularity-based social media network, doesn’t it?

How can you garantee the plus ROI??

One thing that is important to note: the bot tracker uses live prices of STEEM and SBD, but upvotes use the official STEEM price as published on sites such as It is that difference that can have either a positive or negative effect on the calculations as seen on the tracker.

One other thought: you need to make it crystal clear which ROI you are guaranteeing, before or after curation rewards have been deducted. A small positive ROI before curation rewards are deducted will still result in a negative ROI after deduction. that all sounds very fair to me, but I suspect not everyone understands all the numbers on the tracker! :-)

Welcome to steemit onlyprofitbot! I hope you find a home in our community!

Well, it was about time someone realized that ROI was a big issue with bots all this time. Great work guys! I will try to delegate some SP in the future to support the project!

Sounds great. Was thinking of trying to implement something like this myself.

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Why you replay 0.15sbd???

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