I sent you 0.01SBD.
Did not get a vote and did not get a refund.

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@youtake pulls you up ! This vote was sent to you by @stimialiti!

Te envié 1.1 SBD. :/ Estoy esperando y no he recibido ningún voto.

Hi I still haven't received upvote from you for this post. Please check. May you forgot.


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Please advise what happened on this post (

There was < $1 being bid, so there was no chance of a loss... either way, you commented on my post but didn't vote or refund.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Check out your history this morning around 00:15 (GMT +2) ... there were 4 or 5 of us in the queue (with a total of only $1 bid), and it seems that only 2 got rolled over (although they're regulars and it might have been for another post).

Anyway... it's all good... bugs happen. You can refund instead of UpVoting (unless you can inject the same vote value into your bot's queue)? Either way will be good, thanks.

I sent you 0.1SBD.
Did not get a vote and did not get a refund.