Proof of Flight - SocialWallet Billboard

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Recently the @steemdrive billboard campaign, in association with @buildteam hosted a crowdfund on the Steem blockchain for

We successfully raised funds to erect a billboard in one of the busiest intersections in Omaha, Nebraska; located off 119th Street and Pacific. This was Option 1 as chosen by the community in the comments of the crowdfund post.

The billboard ran for 4 weeks in total, displayed roughly 1332 times per day, dwelling for 10 seconds each time. Below are day and night photos showing proof of flight.

Also please take the time to watch this promo video compiled by @nelkeljdm, with voiceovers by @techblogger; the effects are brilliant and is a masterpiece showcasing the current media censorship situation Cryptocurrency is facing.

Special thanks to @beekart, our resident artist at @buildteam who designed the billboard artwork.

Thank you also to @theprophet and @theprophet0 for proof of flight photos and video footage clips.

Billboard artwork by @beekart (Daytime)

Billboard artwork by @beekart (Night)

Not long after our billboard was launched, we noticed this other crypto related billboard in Omaha not far away from ours. This was rather humorous and taking a stab at Warren Buffet's latest negative statements about Bitcoin, strategically placed in his hometown.

Terms and Conditions

@steemdrive will retain 25% of the total post, comment and donation rewards as facilitation fees and to reward the liaison team and billboard artists. Steem Power earned on these posts will be powered down and the balance after the deduction of fees will be retained for future campaign kickstarts.

@steemdrive reserves the right to hold additional campaigns should insufficient funds be raised.

Should surplus funds be raised, at the discretion of the team, additional billboards depicted in this campaign will be ordered and/or the campaign flight time extended; if a surplus still remains, @steemdrive may at its discretion procure other advertising and media exposure or retain the surplus for future crowdfunds.

@steemdrive reserves the right to substitute billboard locations according to availability at the time of order.

@steemdrive reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice to suit its operational needs.

WARNING: Do not vote any other billboard campaigns other than those posted on the @steemdrive account, historically copy-cats created similar campaigns to defraud users which never actually came to fruition. This campaign is guaranteed by @thecryptodrive (Top 20 Steem witness).

Do not vote on comments which try to solicit billboard selection votes, other than official comments from the @steemdrive account.


In association with @buildteam, sponsoring a huge Steemvoter Guild Vote

Thanks to everyone who voted and donated to make this possible. Keep an eye out for future campaigns promoting crypto communities (Watch our video above and try spot the teaser of our next crowdfund).

At Steemdrive we prove the point that the Steem blockchain should be the first port of call for censorship free crypto promotion.

We strongly believe crypto tokens should support Steem as the immutable voice of crypto, and in turn the Steem community should embrace worthy crypto communities as brothers in arms in the race to legitimise blockchain and crypto in the eyes of the world. We can be great together!


Ricardo Ferreira
CEO and


Big up to @buildteam we need to push crypto higher

Congrats you have been selected by the Steemvoter (SV) Guild, keep up the good work and helping make Steem great!

G Work sir keep it up thank u for sharing

So cool to see this brought in to the world! Awesome job guys! :)

Great work @beekart! Your billboards are by far the best I've seen floating in clouds over concrete jungles. Take care buddy.

cool initiative, did you actually see any measurable uptake in interest through this campaign or not?

People need to know bout cryptocurrency and blockchain,cause this is our future. It makes me sad,that google and fb banned all cryptoads, makes me feel that they want to control me. But there is and opposite side. Now there are many scams in ico,that brings ur money and
disappear.It is always sad,when lots of people use something just for making money. How can we develop in such condition?
Nice job,guys,move the same direction.

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