Nov 24 2023 Join us as we explore the transactions of fluffntuff

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Hello community join us as we explore the transactions of @fluffntuff

The Hive Police @hivewatchers @guiltyparties @abit @adm @steemcleaners @logic @gogreenbuddy @crimsonclad @meritocracy @alpha @hivewatcher @solominer @oflyhigh @spaminator @alpha @nuttin @patrice @gpwallet @gpwallet2 @gpwallet3 @gpwallet4

At Bilpcoin we fight for freedom we fight for those who can't fight we fight for the truth we will not be bullied by a bunch of clowns who scam their own friends and people who trust them the Hive Police are wreaking Hive by abusing their power while farming the shit out of Hive

Downvotes on Hive are used to scare people away and silence the truth

We will not run from downvotes as we have done no wrong

The ones with the most power are the biggest abusers on Hive transactions don't lie people do

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