Hive $15.99 by 2026 !

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Hive $15.99 by 2026 !

Today I saw a review of our favorite cryptocurrency hive on one of the sites and was surprised that somehow, they predicted that hive would cost $ 15 by 2026, which is almost 8000%. I am very interested in how they made this forecast and from what calculations, but in this regard, I sincerely wish everyone to calm down and completely go into standby mode and accumulate hive))))

Do you think we will build $15 in 2026?

This is not financial advice.

link to the review:


Well I think this is a possibility, but let's see how it goes. I guess by then BTC 200k

There's a huge possibility for this and even a higher price

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That will depend on many factors, but if things continue to evolve in the crypto market like in recent years, I think it is my prediction that it will fall short.

Forecasting a crypto price beyond 1 day is rarely accurate. So a 4 year forecast is pretty unlikely to be even remotely reasonable.

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Have a great day.

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I think it is a very exaggerated expectation, price of Hive also has relations with market changes and Bitcoin, it can only reach $ 5 after 3 years

Hi, a big hello. definitely a very interesting topic, I think that with everyone's contribution, the Hive will surely become a strong currency in a few years. I hope that this, more than a financial forecast, is a kind of prophecy that comes true in the best Nostradamus style.


It's nice to see such a prediction and looking forward to it going in this direction, but reason tells me it's too far away.

Ah close enough

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I think HIVE could exceed $15. I believe it could reach $15 even before 2026. When we look at the developments on the HIVE side in the last few months, it is not difficult to reach $ 15. Of course, we will achieve this together as the HIVE community.

It's possible, it just needs good marketing

Maybee..we hope that..

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😃🤙 That would be great!!

If we have a couple of more projects having success and bring more people to the chain, then that price is just the start😎

It's possible and that will be great oo

Let's keep holding hive!

This is a good sign to continue active in hive communities.

That would be awesome.

It could go much higher.