Is it spring yet?

in #birding4 years ago

Shortly after that ridiculous cold polar vortex had passed, I glanced out the window and was quite surprised to see two Robins in the tree outside the window!


American Robins are a summertime bird for us here in Wisconsin. They fly south in the winter as soon as it starts getting cold here and they can no longer find the worms and grubs that they like to eat.

Traditionally, one of our first signs of spring is when the Robins return. We joked about this pair... maybe they live all summer at the north pole so they think this is south?


But even if they are a confused pair, they were enjoying the berries that were still hanging on the buckthorn trees!

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Your confused pair are exactly that -confused. That polar vortex messed us all up.

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we are getting hit by out 2nd votex

Oh no! I see a - 2° this week here, but after that last bit of craziness 2 degrees below zero will feel like a heatwave! We are in the middle of an ice storm right now. I can hear it hitting the windows and the roads and sidewalks are rapidly becoming treacherous.

Beautiful photos. I already want spring to come... You will be very happy and I will enjoy your beautiful photos

We are getting an ice storm right now and the roads and walkways are getting treacherous. I am getting very weary of winter and we still have a whole lot more to go!

It should not be easy at all. Winter seems eternal to me and that I am not there😱

This is the time of year when Jim would not be able to bear another day of winter and he would say ' Let's go find some green!' and we would pack a couple suitcases, load my scooter in the back of the car and head South until we found some green! I miss him.

You made me cry. I know it should not be easy for you to not be with him anymore. My mom does the same. She does not cry as much as he used to, but every day she remembers it and misses he so much.

I certainly understand how she feels. I don't cry as much now either, but hardly an hour goes by that I don't think of him.

But good that is the law of the life. They are in a better place ... I did not cry so much because I had to be strong for her and for me.

Buenas noche amiga @melinda010100 deseo que se encuentre bien , lindas imágenes de esos pajaritos y me imagino que los árboles quedaron sin hojas porque la nieve las quemo amiga. Que tengas una exelente noche.

Hola Edgar! Tienes razón sobre los árboles. cuando comienza a hacer frío aquí, todas las hojas caen al suelo y los árboles están desnudos durante todo el invierno. luego, en la primavera, obtienen nuevas y encantadoras hojas para bebés y todo se vuelve verde nuevamente.

That is a TOTAL WOW....!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never seen them in February.
I am sure you must be most surprised.

They were only here for a few hours and have since moved on. I hope they went further South!

I too hope they went futher south. Just to early.. !!!!
Unless the Robins know something we don't know...🤔

I suspect they are probably as confused as the rest of us are!

I suspect they are
Probably as confused as
The rest of us are!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.



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Thanks so much!

Que lindo, es tan tierno.. :)

That’s weird because I saw about 30 of them before the vortex, all together feeding off seeds people left...

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Cool guys! We see robins here all year (not that species, thow :), and for the first time I've seen them near my parents house a couple days ago, in a complete urban setting!

Although they are both called Robins, I don't think the American Robin and the European Robin are very closely related. The ones that live here are very comfortable in urban settings. Your Robins are cuter than ours!

I don't think the American Robin and the European Robin are very closely related

For sure, completely different species; both cute! :)

I think the robins and the rest of nature must be getting so confused with this drastic swings in temperature i know I am lOL

I agree 100%!

After last week I think I agree one thousand percent 😂

We are in the middle of an ice storm right now.

Ohh No stay safe and warm and enough of Winter already

I'm not going anywhere! With this kind of ice my mailbox might as well be 12 miles away. I'm expecting a really exciting package but there's no way I can get to it even if it is in the box. I need chains for my scooter tires!

Well if the weather wont affect the package it can wait for a better day no matter how exciting it is, its not worth risking a fall to try and get it

Stay safe :)

valla que hermosos pájaros realmente la felicito por sus fotos como siempre le he dicho sra @melinda010100 usted es una excelente fotógrafa jejejeje saludos desde venezuela en una pequeña isla

¡gracias! Estoy muy contento de que disfruten las fotos.

Robin's must know something :-)

Or else they are just as confused as the rest of us are!

We usually see robins year round because our climate is supposed to be temperate. It doesn't feel temperate right now, though. I know it's really spring when I see swallows.

Hope the cold does not last long for you! We will have to bear it for a while yet, I suppose.

Spring can't be far off then. Or maybe the climate change has confused the Robins, making them arrived a bit too early. :-)

They didn't stick around! Just stopped in for a snack and then they continued on their travels!

Ah, a quick break in between stops. :-)

I think those Robins are a little overly optimistic :)

They are certainly not thinking straight!

wow Melinda that's amazing! ha! I hope those guys aren't too confused and I hope they can find enough food. I wonder if it's too late to head South?

They can average about 40 miles a day, so it shouldn't take them too long to find milder weather. I'm wishing them well, whatever their plan is!

howdy Melinda! I hope your day has been going well. What if those birds don't leave, will you try to keep them fed?

I only saw them hanging around for a few hours and I haven't seen them since so I'm pretty sure they are long gone.They do like apples and berries and I could have tried putting some out for them if I thought they were still around.

howdy tonight Melinda! I agree, I'm sure they're probably long gone. Just the squirrels and chipmunks around now, right? or maybe the chipmunks hybernate too?

No chipmunks until spring! They are all taking a long winter nap. Just lots of squirrels! Actually, Chipmunks do not hibernate. They go into torpor just like hummingbirds do, where their metabolism almost comes to a complete stop and it's almost as if they are dead and cold. That way they can make it all winter without having to store fat like hibernating creatures do.

More freezing rain tonight and even the possibility of thunderstorms! That will seem weird I haven't heard thunder in months and months.

Oh shoot I mispelled hibernate, thank you for the correct spelling! lol. Ok, now I remember about those chipmunks but I didn't know about the Humming birds, where do they go to do that?
That is a very strange forecast, you go from record lows to record or near record highs!

It is a beautiful robin's photo, melinda. Nice shot.

Posted using Partiko Android

That's an anomali or couldn't be a good sign of nice weathet ahead @melinda010100 😉 nice captured!

Thanks! We most likely will get many more weeks of winter weather so I hope those silly birds went much further South!

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