BOOM: Moon-Music August!

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I just had to interrupt my creativity. I was creating the image for this article to have my headlines in front of me. But then Thelma Houston starts to sing "Don't Leave Me On This Way," and I just wanted to thank Sloth for today's nightly playlist. I got emotional. Sloth, I can't imagine a world without you. So before we officially start, smash that play button:

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first August EFDBN issue. Let's dive into the FOMO part right away!

HEX on Tron: RYZ

The first high-interest Blockchain certificate of deposit on Tron: RoyalStarz. What do I have to say more? HEX on Tron. The launch is in a few hours, and airdrop is going on (my HEX "drop" has $500 value today), so don't miss this opportunity. It's not financial advice; it's just an opportunity. Especially for Moritz that is jealous of my HEX stake!

RYZ is a TRC20 token based on the Tron blockchain that allows high-interest reward staking. The protocol is primarily inspired by Ethereum's HEX token that has, regardless of the criticisms it has received, seen immense appreciation since its initiation.

BOOM is back!

I'm here to remind you about your eggs! Remember? Your staked BOOM? Here today's message from Austin:

And here the Beta Boom Elements News from Stache:

So if you're holding BOOM, spread the message, time to fight back our BOOM value! Yeeehaw!!

Okay, the FOMO part is over. Let's dive right away into another relevant topic:

Dappstats: The Big Ride!

Sid from Dappstats yesterday shared the following update…

And at some point, EMG said, "One of the good things whenever things like this happen, I'm not worried. Unlike I would be on some other platforms."

And it's precisely the point. A few moments later, the next update comes in:

It's was bumpy, but Dappststs is growing non stop! I have never seen that a project like this can be offline two whole weekends in a month, and the Dividend-pool raises, and the community cheers up. Usually, people run around and scream "scam", but never in this case. A big thanks to the Dappstats team for the great work, the Dappstats social media team, and the fantastic community. The participation in the projects, the games, how everybody connects. You're making DApps great again.

Kingdom Karnage launched successfully!

The game launched successfully on the 1st of August. An exciting moment for the Kingdom Karnage Community! I was so happy to play it on the Android App!

Did you hear about the eight games taking part in a cross-game quest with a prize pool valued at $50,000? Well, Kingdom Karnage features Chapter 1: 3rd - 8th August, and your mission is to recover the cyborg's head. I think you should hurry, more info here: Kepithor Events.

Drakons: Sloths everywhere!

Dappstats, Sloth & did something fantastic. They crossed a Dragon and a Sloth, and born a Slakon! All are celebrating and exciting that Slakons, so use this ending giveaway to join this fantastic RPG-Battle-Dragon-Tactical-Cards-Blockchain-NFT-Collector-Game: Maybe the right time to join!

It's a long story, and not everyone is happy, but in my case: Finally, just one token! I love it how moved forward the last few months! And now that the CRO is cheap and a ruby card stake is as low as 1000 CRO, it's the best occasion to join - Now we're back to the initial price I used to stake. It's a fair entrance for this accessible bridge between Crypto- and Fiat-World. Here my ref link; we both receive $50 worth of CRO when you use it.

Interactive Crypto Games on Cryptoradio.FM? Soon!

I hope you smashed that play button, as I said! In the next few days, you will hear the info, if you listen to Cryptoradio.FM. We're launching Crypto-Games, which people have to react while listening to our station to win prizes. Will be fun :-) Don't miss it. Just tune in:

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

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