[EFDBN] Express FOMO Direct Bush News JULY 1

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen! Here we are with the next "Express FOMO Direct Bush News," woohoo! We go briefly through a few short news, before we come to today's highlight, the launch of Cryptoradio.FM.

League of Kingdoms

I already covered the Lands investment part of League of Kingdoms here on DApps.Buzz, then I told you about the Dappstats Alliance and the spin wheel event, later finally, the game launched. And I was already addicted to the idea before it started, and I'm addicted to the whole gameplay. I can't wait to experience the mobile app, as soon it's released. And I'm super happy to be here and see all stuff LoK related growing and thrilled to see how we come out from beta. Then I will review the game, and I think we score high with this one.

We still accept active players in our alliance, ask here for it: DappStats Telegram.

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is a Trading Card Game with beautiful animated turn-based combat and Enjin backed in-game items:

I was one of the lucky guys who could try the beta, and I liked the game but couldn't stick to the bug tracking. Well, Mr. Sloth did well, he's our Kingdom Karnage expert. He told me to join and get that Token! So I bought an in-game char that already sold out right now. Which is great, means I own a rarity! So, for all of you: The presale ends in two days, then the game goes offline for the early access launch! Are you ready for this? Remember, it's Mr. Sloth recommending - Here the info:

BIG LEAK! Dappstats + Drakons = This here:

When you get deep penetrated by a perfectly balanced Drakon, and you look at it, you feel this Drakon seems like… A SLOTH?! Then you know the DappStats Drakon has popped your cherry. And if not, it was me playing… But what does this mean? 1. They're already around, and 2. you will find out if you stick around us the next few days.

What a massive Stake update!

We had Cryptochilly writing yet another stake overview a few days ago, and now we read a DappStats News telling us that Stake 3 has arrived, and brings 500 new casino games with him. Here the news:

1st of August: Swiss National Day & Cryptoradio.FM Launch!

Just sit back, relax, and hit that play button here:

DApps.Buzz had a radio station last year, which I used to dive into that knowledge. Webradio is an exciting topic, but as soon you want to go deeper, you have to get real with the legal facts (Crypto & Music Licenses), and also with the costs, we have to carry. So I decided that Cryptoradio.FM has two founders: Mr. Sloth and Mr. Bush. Cryptoradio.FM is located and licensed in Crypto Valey Switzerland, walking hands in hands with the United Kingdom, the mecca of many music genres, talented artists, and superstars. With you, the community, the circle is complete. So be sure there is something great launching in a few days, but feel free to listen to the Station: A limit of 500 concurrent listeners is allowed until the 1st of August, which we already nearly reached while building our Station. So far, Mr. Sloth and Mr. Bush are happy with the outcome.

If you're an artist and produce some sound, or maybe you own a Crypto related Podcast Show, then we have great news for you: We have a lot of Indie Artists we already promote through our Station, and also Crypto Shows. We also have live DJ events all over the world we can hold. So let us know! We're happy to support the community, so if your track meets our quality requirements, ask us in our Telegram Group HERE.

We use the advertising earnings to cover the server, redundancy, streaming, and license costs - You can listen to such great sound on our Station because we pay for those licenses. For this, we have an offer until the end of this year for advertisers: While Stations in our dimensions have asked at least €1.50 per second on peak times (1x 1:00 Ad played four times = €360.00), we start at €150.00 per week and end with €400.00 per month (Ad played at least eight times a day).

On Cryptoradio.FM, you also can donate if you want to support this project: We would appreciate it.

Love, Passion, Crypto, Community, and Music - We connect the world: Cryptoradio.FM

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz