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Hello everyone here, are you a digital currency lover? if it's true then IRONX is suitable for you, you can invest in IRX tokens and use the platform, IRONX is a very good platform, where the platform provides trading services on 4 devices. and these devices are smart phone devices based on Android and IOS, then for convenience and flexibility in trading, of course providing web-based ones, and the last is the traditional online trading platform MT4 and WEBTRADER.


The IRONX platform is a very good platform, IRONX is a platform that has a mission to create crypto exchanges made with traditional traders in mind. This is why they have combined the best in the traditional trade of IronX, with the best in crypto EmurgoHK, to create world-class crypto exchanges.

IronFX is the leading leading online forex trading brand in the world, with 10 trading platforms and more than 200 trading instruments. IRONFX was founded in 2010. Where IRONFX has served retail and institutional customers from more than 180 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America while providing support in more than 30 different languages. The group is authorized and regulated by four major regulators in the world of FX, FCA from the UK, ASIC from Australia, FSCA from South Africa and CySEC from Cyprus.


And for those of you who love crypto, IRONX is a good choice because IRX is the best crypto where EmurgoHK, the global leader in blockchain technology, is a business builder for the Cardano blockchain protocol, and a very successful original cryptocurrency, ADA Coin. Located in one of the most dynamic business hubs in the world, Hong Kong, and perfectly positioned between the Northeast and Southeast Asia, EmurgoHK spreads the revolutionary Cardano protocol across the Pacific Rim.

What Makes IRONX Exeptional?
Fully Regulated: The group is actively seeking to be licensed and regulated correctly. Currently, he holds an FIU license in Estonia but will actively seek licenses in other key jurisdictions. In this case the group considers both Gibraltar and Malta. This is something very good, guys, considering that the crypto world now needs a license to guarantee their platform

Existing Client Base: IronX is being built with 1.2 million existing IronFX Group retail clients and 150,000 Cardano followers in mind, giving us access to a large liquidity pool. And this is one of the good things for IRONX to develop, having clients is something that really needs to be appreciated and is good for investors and is very likely to have many IRX holders.

FIAT and CRYPTO Funding: Our platform will provide a variety of financing options for traditional FIAT and CRYPTO wallets. like many people now crypto wallets are very important to put our assets, and especially exchangers must definitely have their crypton wallet and fiat and crypto wallets is a very good combination of seeing crypto exchanges with fiat too

24/7 support: IronX will be the first exchange to offer not only 24/7 support, but also in the language our users use, serving their needs. For exchangers, it is usually a problem, guys, and IRONX provides 24/7 support, that's awesome!

IRONX Features

  1. Ultra high performance architecture to handle global scale industries
  2. Performance acceleration, 1 million trades per second
  3. Intuitive, easy to use
  4. High class security and data protection
  5. Simple system management
  6. Constant, over channel system performance
  7. Error detection code on all records
  8. Always active, dynamic database
  9. Consumer coverage and comprehensive service offerings
  10. Fast failover support

The IRX token sale

The IRX ERC-20 Utility Token will function as the main token on the IronX Exchange, which supports system usage. Costs paid in IRX tokens will bring discounts, giving incentives to traders who often use IRX for all costs and transactions.

IRX token holders will also benefit in various ways. Based on the level of ownership, they will be entitled to additional services and incentives for the IronX - IronFX Group ecosystem.

Token information

Token IRX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC-20

Token price 1 IRX = 0.42 USD
Tokens for sale 82.308.213 IRX

Investment info

Minimum purchase 100 USD
Currencies BTC, ETH, USD, EUR, JPY

Soft cap 18.000.000 USD
Hard cap 50.000.000 USD


IronX Roadmap mXkfdToSwHy2z6bt8LzMoZ2e96JNF3mKMKdSAVr2gogqvxKHbGVY3N4PoYexT8ChusWCVdQyby2oFUAgTrPEsSfYnUiuN97zVELVsM6jp.pngmXkfdToSwHy2z6bt8LzMoZ2e96JNF3mKMKdSAVrBrej8Mbh5KwHvDvp1ZBzGqnWErjFAwY2Muse6hNn2qpiVJ5oTTdNDAWZWrh5Aornkn.png



Partners mXkfdToSwHy2z6bt8LzMoZ2e96JNF3mKMKdSASLWXBvuPNh2qXnN94hv7mGfdnubM55NW9bZMpAXQWj7sRqeb7FQLjJ6mmx5nxVEXQuXt.png

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