How to Trade Cryptocurrency for Noobs (Beginners) 2018

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hi steemian!!

This used to be small exchange but due to loads of ICOs and volumes it become huge.

They used to denominate every market in few coins.

Sadly LTC/DOGE pairs are dead now.

This means loads of smaller cap coins wont be able to trade on BTC pair, since LTC or DOGE was needed.

Listing STEEM ?
They used to list coins for free but now theres only paid service and it costs a bit of their internal coin.

By estimation (this is way lower actually) it would be..

This just shows how crazy crypto market is now.

Other Exchanges i Use Now
Binance - top volume exchange, added STEEM today
BitMex - best place for leverage trading of loads of coins
CoinExchange - loads of things to get early
LiveCoin - has SBD and some cool coins not found anywhere else
SimpleFX - anon forex with crypto and also BTC, NMC and other leveraged trades up to x500
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