The Hidden Secrets of Money Creation & Monetary History

in #bitcoinlast year (edited)

An indepth expose of how the world's currencies have been weaponised against its citizens to steal their purchasing power and eventually rob them completely. Learn how money is really created & what you can do to safeguard yourself in the future. Please share this video as this information being understood & applied is critical to our freedom!

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1:00 - Introduction
2:35 - Money in the origins of civilization
2:57 - Barter
3:45 - Common goods
4:05 - Gold & Silver
4:30 - The rise of Sound money in Lydia & the fall of Athens
7:50 - The rai stones of yap island (From Saifdean Ammous' book The Bitcoin Standard)
12:40 - What is money?
13:10 - Difference between money & currency
14:25 - Failures of fiat currencies
15:45 - 7 stages of empire
20:00 - Origins of banking
22:00 - Monetary history of the last 150 years
28:00 - How is money created?
31:45 - Banking & fractional reserve lending explained
37:25 - Investment banker Mads Palsvig's revelations
42:50 - Why we can't solve the problem by ceasing to take more debt
46:25 - A potential solution to the debt problem for those who believe in Government
47:25 - Summary of money creation in all countries
49:40 - Who does the banking system really benefit?
50:55 - State of the global economy today
52:00 - How to safeguard your wealth in case of a global financial crisis
53:40 - Bail outs & Bail-Ins, PMC Bank, Cashless Society Agenda, Corporate Debt
57:00 - Global Domination Agenda
57:50 - Predictions that David Icke made in 1995
1:00:30 - Relevant quotations from famous people

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