Bitcoin Trading - June 7, 2017

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$2900! Bitcoin hit a new all time high of $2933! It pulled back a little bit, but at the time of this writing it is $2845 and rising! Something interesting happened too. Let's check it out on the chart.


Bitcoin broke out of our ascending triangle after hitting the $2669 level. Then it bounced around between $2800 and $2850 for a little bit, which if you read my last post you'll remember that I talked about $2670 or even $2800 becoming the new support levels. It was cool to see $2800 hold support for some time there.

Once the price broke above that range, it went right on up to $2933! Here's the interesting part. Look where it pulled back to.... $2670! If you look to the red arrow on the left, $2670 was the previous resistance level! How cool is that? As soon as it caught support at $2670, the price bounced right back up to $2880. It has been range trading between $2800 and $2880 since then. It is currently around $2850 and climbing.

We could be seeing a $3000 Bitcoin very soon! This is very exciting. It really is a great time to be hodling cryptocurrencies. We may see another pullback to the $2700s, or we could see price continue to rise on up to $3000 and beyond! It is forming another ascending triangle, so I'm leaning towards a run at $3000. As always, keep your stops tight and trade safely. HODL!

I almost forgot, the total market cap is over $100 billion! That's awesome!

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Trading is risky and you could lose money. Only invest if you're sure what you're doing.

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I wanted to throw some more fiat into BTC so I am kind of hoping for a pullback.

Same here. It's not looking like we're gonna get one for a while though. lol