Blockchain: We are the New Financial System

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Money as they say makes the world go round. Everyday people world wide chase the proverbial carrot. While others are born with a nice trust fund with very little in terms of economic worries. Yet, the massive inequality between rich and poor continues to escalate at an alarming rate.

Of course people will look for a scapegoat to blame. The lowest hanging fruit are billionaires and immigrants. Billionaires because obviously its their fault to have all that paper wealth. Or immigrants who seek a better life but supposedly siphon value from the system. Yet, this 3 card monte con is just that.

No one bothers to look underneath the hood of the legacy system. People continue to look at the symptoms of the disease as opposed to the disease itself. Not to mention the system works this way by design. And like or not it is rigged this way.

If you need proof look no further then the trillion dollar bill that just passed. Most within the legacy economy will not benefit cash flow wise from this. Unless of course your connected or can siphon value from the top. Most people were against it yet it still was pushed through. Why?

Well simply put there is no longer a representative govt in place. The people’s voice no longer matters as it pertains to finances. And obviously these group of individuals are going to pillage it all. Checks and balances were initially put in place to protect the people from this incessant greed.

Without them the cash grab will continue. Politicians and bankers can be a very dangerous combination. Not to mention zero responsibility or accountability for their actions. Sadly, it is the people that will suffer the economic consequences that are soon to follow.

You see all this has been tried before throughout history. Out of control spending and endless wars reek of the old fallen Roman Empire. The parallels are quite creepy to say the least. Yet, all is not lost financially speaking.

Blockchain is the new financial system that the world needs at this time. Frankly, as I’ve said previously politicians can’t be trusted with money. Not to mention central bankers that don’t work for the benefit of the people. This is more then just technology and innovation.

Blockchain is about the social contract that has been nullified. If your a politician or a banker you are no longer trusted. Meaning people have begun to lose faith not only in the trustworthiness of these institutions but in these particular group of people. Money in few hands is not wise.

Which is why blockchain was invented in the first place. People should exercise their rights to control the entire process of money. This includes the ability to print or mint the currency needed. Why allow one institution to create inflation in their fed shit token?

Instead, many virtual economies can create inflation for everyone. And instead of the currency being siphoned off it will actually get to the people that need it the most. Not the trickle down nonsense that is another ruse that solves nothing.

We are the new financial system. It is something that in a few years time will make sense for everyone. The people now have the ability to take back control of the money process. Just remember politicians and bankers will NEVER relinquish control. They may try to appease or regulate but never give the power back.

History is a perfect proxy for examples of absolute power. This power is never ceded; instead it is taken or lost. This time will be no different. But we must unite and act.

Crypto can unite the world if we stop fighting over petty differences. And we all share a common ground of wanting abundance for all. But we can’t get to this point using the old rules or the legacy system in it’s present form. Not to mention waiting for dictates from a political system that has seen better days.

It will be up to the crypto community to institute the changes needed without permission.


We need more p2p/otc exchanges happening. Also when we sell things we should accept only crypto as payment. We must opt out of this system and opt in to freedom.

True. Centralized exchanges are ripe for political attack/control. Peer 2 Peer has always been the true vision for crypto. I still believe people will opt into crypto out of necessity as opposed to speculation. There are simply more opportunities to build on blockchain.

The Financial system is outdated but it definitely protects those in power. I do think transparent blockchain is a possible solution but I am unsure how the exact solution in block chain it will be. Though I think the networked states (or communities) might be better overall.

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The way I see it is multiple chains producing value for the entire world. Since the debt system is obsolete people will gravitate towards the chains with the most income streams. There will be some states/govt who will institute their own blockchain. However, trust is the new currency and right now fewer are trusting the politicians.

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