Blockchain-Based Transformation - upon Gartner Report

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Hello Steemians

We all agree that blockchain is a revolutionary technology but it seems not the right one for everything.
Let's deep in.
There are multiple reasons to create a blockchain:

1.when different entities are not talking to each other and we want to connect the data on the same db - ledger connect different entities with different rules on the same DB - complement the reason above increase transparency, you are giving the option to anyone or different parties to show your data

Most of the companies are going with the hype and don't necessarily need a blockchain solution and that is the main reason they are failing according to Gartner report issued a few months ago.

Remember Bitcoin is here to replace gold meaning it is limited and it is a store of value, it will never be faster than visa due to its infrastructure for block validation.
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Before you invest do a research, it is your money you earned