Every alt coin increased again. I think STEEM will hit $4-$5 at the end of the year!

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I am really hoping we will see an increase in steem. I believe eventually it will get to $10, hopefully this will help it get there

I would say $10 steem and $5000 bitcoin! in 30 month

Steemit is great project but I would like to see new page. More transparent.

Great news! Hope this finally puts an end to the bear streak

great new...hope all is well...

Hope so.


I believe in steemit community ,, Steem will skyrock soon and i truly believe that

Seems like things are getting better.. slowly but steadily

I would love to see steem at 3 dollars! I think it will only a matter of time ;)

I'm holding big amounts of steem and btc and hope to see these prices soon

$3 steem would rock my world - i am now following you support

I think this is probably the biggest danger in crypto right now!

Upvoted and resteemed ur post

Yeah maybe even $5 Steem. Let's see what happens! I was really hoping it would drop to like 10 cents first though haha!

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