Reminder: Two Factor authentication that involves your phone number is not secure

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There are a few better ways to keep your accounts safe and you should use them when available. It would be great if Steemit and other cryptoservices allowed two factor using trezor, nano ledger, or U2F to keep people safe.


Thanks for sharing. Security 1st!

I utilize 2FA on each email and monetary site which underpins it. In spite of the fact that going ahead U2F would be the standard as it won't be particular to a specialist organization like Google. For U2F you require a USB gadget which goes about as a key and is more secure and solid arrangement than 2FA.

One good thing which the vast majority don't know about is; equipment wallets like Trezor supports U2F and can be utilized as a key. The most secure approach to defend any vital information you have. The main detriment I see is you should have the physical gadget dependably.

Damn,all this long i thought phone number code verification is secure until you showed me in this video.

ty for post

Nice info. Yeah, I use 2FA on every email and financial website which supports it. Though going forward U2F would be the norm as it won't be specific to a service provider like Google (i.e. Authenticator app). For U2F you need a USB device which acts as a key and is more safer and concrete solution than 2FA.
One good thing which most people are not aware of is; hardware wallets like Trezor does support U2F and can be used as a key. The most secure way to safeguard any crucial data you have. The only disadvantage I see is you will need to have the physical device always. I had no idea if other wallets like Ledger Nano S supports it but thanks for clarifying it.

Nice video .
Thanks for sharing.
Doing some great work

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Had never thought of this. Very useful.

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