Merry Bmas and Happy 2019!

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Hi steemians! After knowing in person the prestigious, misterious and self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin in the last adventure, Blockchain Cat now is obsessed with his influence, bright ideas and "nour". Talking with fellows animals as usual, the situation now remind us what happened before in meetings with bulls, bears, penguins and whales.

But let's putting aside any misunderstanding because it's time to party and celebrate, after the traditional Merry Xmas Blockchain Cat now proposes a Merry Bmas too. Of course the B is for Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto's revolutionary and remarkable creation. And as the New Year is coming, here is a wish for a Happy 2019 for all, specially the blockchain and crypto friends worldwide!

If you want to change the dialogues, christmas and new year greetings, adding images and create you own new stories with the Santa's reindeer and Blockchain Cat, it's under Creative Commons attribution license. Anyone can copy, distribute, display, perform and remix the work if credit the original creator. To make new versions easier, there is a shared public Google Presentation file that you can copy and edit if you like.

May the nour be with you! Merry Bmas and Happy 2019!!

Thank you very much and good luck again!

12/24/2018 @wagnertamanaha

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Idea | Intro | << #blockchaincat >>

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Merry Christmas. 🎄 @BlockchainCat

Merry STEEMmas and Happy New Year!! ♬♪♫ヾ(=・ω・=)♥♥♥ ✲*。⋆

Thank you. @blockchain cat

It seems Ned is almost as elusive as Satoshi lately. Wishing the cat a very merry Blockmas

Maybe he is helping Santa with our Christmas gifts right now! Merry STEEMmas and Happy New Year!!
(=・ω・=) ✲*。⋆