New project: earning bitcoin while watching video's and listening to music

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Hello people,

Earn satoshi's listening to your favorite music or watching video's

  • upload your video to promote your business


----> don't let you fool by the domainname which is still under

It has become some kind of testdomain. When the project turns out succesfull I can move it to another domain.

The URL is:

If you wonder what happened to the gamingwebsite that was there I can tell you that project has been put away for a moment to work out much better.

-----> on this website now you can listen to musicvideo's (doesn't matter if you surf in another window in the meanwhile), watch video's that are interesting and/or fun, play a few games, or pay a small amount of bitcoin to let people watch your video to promote your business, website, referrallink, game or whatever you made a video about.


While playing the video's you get rewarded every minute with a point. 5 Points are 1 satoshi. you can ask to withdraw from a minimum of 2000 points which are 400 satoshi's.

Since this a microtransaction, you need to make an account on (micropayementsystem)

The project is accually in a testphase but payouts get accepted already.

---> "So that means 1 satoshi/5 minutes, brothermic, this makes me think of a faucet...?!"

Well in fact it is, except for the fact that you do not need to click every 5 minutes or try ti find your way trough annoying pages full with ads and clickbait for 1 satoshi.

The intention is to create a fun platform which people will use to request musicvideo's to their choice, keep up to date about the cryptoworld thanks to video's about the market, spend some spare time to have fun watching funny things or get some visual on their own video's. And in the meanwhile you build up some satoshi's. It is not a get-quick-rich sheme.


I will try to upload regulary some interesting content, add a few more games from time to time, and please make some requests to add a video, it can be approved if it is not offending for a specific group of people.


On the website I kindly ask people to accept the JSE-pop-up which allow me to collect JSE-coins, which are also used to help payout the earned bitcoin.

----> unlike other programs to collect crypto like coinhive and monerominer tc, this one doesn't use up your cpu-power to mine, it is javascriptbased and it won't affect your browserexperience in any way.

A link to that project:


Link to the website:


Such a waste of time

I don't think listening to relaxing music is a waste of time :) I enjoy it very much. I just added a few shortmovies. They are also pretty enjoyable. Like I said It's not a quick-get-rich sheme. Anyhow thanks for letting us know how you feel about it. What I am trying to say is this: Isn't it fun if you can do what you otherwise do on the internet, but getting paid, even if it's a small amount, for it? Doing it for free, or doing it, getting paid :) You could write your comments while listening to some music and yes, you got just that little extra out of it :)

I am actually interested! I have free time to waste and this is a fun way to waste it. Will write my review soon!

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Genius I will defo be looking into this thank you.

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i watched a video and referred a friend i only got 2 points i should have 6. it does seem like a waste of time.

I made a comment on the ref and visitors that it isnt working like it should. I hope you have read it so you don't waste your own time or resources. Thanks for your toughts. ps: be informed.

i am interested. thank you bro

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i'll look into this !!!! seems good

Interesting, thanks for sharing.

Das sind tolle Neuigkeiten, die ich hier lese. War darüber auch sehr besorgt als ich plötzlich, nicht mehr spielen konnte.
Bin jetzt beruhigt und werde doch gleich mal nachsehen, was neues hinzugekommen ist.

Interesting thank you

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Is this for real ?

I am very interested about this satoshi's and I am keying now thanks @brothermic

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Great initiative.

Thk! @brothermic, how is it supported if not mining with your PC power? Have you withdraw, and so can you share a withdraw proof? This will be very nice to know for promoting this new platform. I have made many mistakes trying to use different platform in the pass... so as much information about how legit it is, much better... Thank you in advance!

sounds interesting. but it will take time to generate money this way I think as its a new platform. Is not it?

It will take forever to generate money.. you would end up wasting a great deal of electricity and bandwidth playing those video..

It's just a site to have some fun and in the meanwhile you earn some satoshi's :)

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That's cool. I would love to try!😊

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Loving your comment. I tought: let's create another website where you can do things you do otherwise and why not getting paid for it, even if it is a small amount. :)

Exactly! You did awesome job 👍 this is really cool concept.

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Many members in the list are from VN. LOL

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Does it really work? it seems that you have to invest too much time to earn a very low percentage.

All this could be reasonable if there was a moderate gain for the participants but the reality is that they only look for affiliates and generate traffic

Just as you stated above , It's kinda satoshi faucet, I started in cryptomarket with this kind of faucet when BTC was 600$, and I earned about 70$ after 3 months , but now I think it's worthless!

try to have fun instead of chasing money and more money will coime to you. You don't have to see it as work, enjoy things and let you get paid for it, even if it is a small amount :)

10 hours of this one video. 10 hours?! Lol insufferable. I’ll check more out later, but that’s too much.

haha! More video's get added almost every day. Just ignore those lol. Tere are people listening to those video's for 10 hours while playing games. In french they say: 'les goût et les colours, on discute pas' ;)

The crypto videos provide good information. :)

yes i'll make sure there will be more of them :). Thanks for your toughts.

Hey, seems a nice way to promote video content, any help on how to get the video on your website ? Asking for a friend.

Sounds great, would check this site out.

It sounds like an amazing platform! Has anyone tried? What are your experiences with it. I am curious?

hello brother mic
what if i add a video and its absolutley offending to everyone
im not trying to be smart here hehe im serious
just checking to see how this site works and everybody should be off facebook and coming here
no censorship truly amazing really
have a good morning and rest of the day

I wish you much luck with that project, the ideas are nice! I would like to see your project succesfull :)!
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