Bitcoin Prediction Time

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Bitcoin. The government's and banks all want you to believe it is doomed. A passing fad. There is no easy except their way and that way is FIAT.

Time and time again Bitcoin has shown that it is not a flash in the pan. The price continues to move upward.


The shills for the establishment would have you believe that if it isn't a fad it is overpriced. That it is in a bubble.

What if it isn't? What if bitcoins true worth in the future is way more than we could ever believe?

I believe we are on the road to heights that we can't even comprehend right now. Which is why I predict that we will see Bitcoin at ten thousand dollars by April 2018.

Don't believe me? Then stay out of the way while I buy your share :=)

Where do you see Bitcoin in five years and why?



I hope 🤞 and what’s your predictions about Ethereum?

I have never been a fan of ethereum. I do think that it will rise to and then hover around the $400 dollar mark for most of next year. Do you have any thoughts on it?

Hi, I think Bitcoin can reach that price even early that you say, there is something that currently the society arround the world is experimenting and it's trust on Bitcoin. However a significant ammount of people that is currently investig scarcely knows about Bitcoin and that is a point to keep in mind for long term Bitcoin price (which is important comparing to other projects really revolutionary and long-term scalable). When people get in touch with other blockchain projects BTC will be in the background.

I think that even in future if it is in the background it will be as a holder of value and will be worth a huge amount. Until it reaches its true peak is going to continue the upward trend

Besides this platform there is precious little successful blockchain use cases at the moment. Although that could change next year. A new dawn :=)

True, nothing is absolute, everything can change when we least expect it. Greetings.

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