That’s a great thought experiment and my mind can’t wrap my head around it because of the recenct bias and growing up with tech! But it’s a really good thought to play out Mary!

I’d say it would set us back at least 100 years to have no internet! It would be choas, but we’d survive! A lot of the money and accounting would dissapear and we would all be closer to the ground!

People would have work hard since the internet makes so many things easier! Gosh I can’t imagine all the things that depend on an Internet connection that we take for granted

Oh yes. Would we see men going back to hunting? Haha I imagine you already, from stashing satoshis to hunting deers😂

LOL I don't know if i'd be a good hunter, I feel like I'd be more of gatherer and just pick fruits and veggies, but who knows, if you thrown into a world like that you may have to move out of your comfort zones to survive

I think you would do just fine. Maybe you might even enjoy a return to nature. I remember now that song from Enigma, Return to Innocence. It would be a good background song while searching for food in the forest hihi🍲😅

I think I would, I have a friend who has her own garden and she always sends me picks of what she grows because she knows I like it and I live through her and learn from her. But how would I have music if theres no internet? I'd have to sing my own songs lol. You see how much we rely on the internet?

Imagination. You'll replay it in your head. Mozart had no internet😂

LOL I'd have to make my own instruments and make music with rocks and sticks

Uhh lovely idea😍