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Chronicling all of Satoshi Nakamoto's public writings in chronological order.


Full title: Kicking the Hornet’s Nest: The Complete Writings, Emails, and Forum Posts of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Founder and Creator of Bitcoin
edition 3 - Including over 100 previously never released "COPA" trial emails.

Read the book review of "Kicking" featured on at

Electronic copies (free to download):

pdf version

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Internet archive wayback machine: Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

txt version

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Printed copy

A hold-in-your-hand paperback version is available from

ISBN 978-0-359-32744-7

Edition 2 links are below

Below: links for edition 2 of "Kicking" (without the COPA trial emails released in February 2024)

Electronic copies (free to download):
pdf version
pdf link 1:
pdf link 2:
pdf link 3:
Internet archive wayback machine 1:
Internet archive wayback machine 2:

txt version
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Bitcoin ordinal NFTs

Ordinal 1, a test mint was made in Bitcoin block 786532. It simply has a link to this page:


Viewed in ordinal explorers:

Ordinal 2, a zip file with the entire "Kicking" book housed on the Bitcoin blockchain in .txt format on Bitcoin block 786542.


Viewed on ordinal explorers:

Ordinal 3 is a recursive inscription (a type of ordinal) that uses already-minted ordinal inscriptions.


This recursive is a cleaner version of the "Kicking" ordinal. The ordinal number is 34145265 and it is on Bitcoin block 808956.

You can read about how it works and how it was made here.

Viewed on ordinal explorers:

EDIT/UPDATE: added info and links to Bitcoin ordinals
EDIT/UPDATE 2: added info about Ordinal 3, a recursive inscription

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We are indeed going to buy you a coffee

Did you put this together?

Yes, initially put things together back in 2019.

Impressive work. Do you promote this much in Maxi circles?

Thanks, but no on the promo. I guess I don't know of maxi circles and not sure I'm much of a promoter anyway. I tend to be naive enough to think that something of value will reveal itself. 🙂

I'll see what I can do :-)