$33k Bitcoin! China Mining Ban?

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πŸ’™ Bitcoin to 30k by March, History Tells Us.
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β˜„οΈ Time-stamps!
00:44 Coinmarketcap
02:35 Ethereum #2
03:12 Even DogeCoin
03:35 Bitcoin to $30k?
05:41 China Banning Mining?
07:05 Astorgame
08:31 Twisted Irony
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I tried to be like you fam! bitcoin vs ripple marketcap

I tried to be like you, bitcoin vs ripple marketcap

When it said Roger ver hahaha

This is the best crypto channel on youtube. Well done sir, well done!

That's such a crazy and amazing ransomware outcome!

Aye man i love your content one of the funniest news dudes out there for crypto. If you like gaming check out my d.tube channel brotha. Anyways keep it up upvoted and followed !

I've read quite some predictions about BTC going up to 22k+ in the end of January/beginning of February. But I think it will do something we are not expecting, again! Could it be 30k? Let's see.

Ohh Its really bad news for chines crypto lover, Thank you for this informative post, @crypto-daily

it's a big market he just missed

btc will never go past 20,000$ because it cant handle the volume its still overloaded and its not even at 15,000 bitcoin cash will surpass btc at some point thats the only way