State of the Project - Meros #7 June 2019 - featuring lead dev 'Kayaba'

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State of the Project is a Monthly Podcast based on various awesome Crypto projects. The podcast delves into the current status of the projects and gathers news from important team members about the upcoming developments and advances.

Hosted by Cryptosi, each State of the project is aimed at being a useful resource for community members and interested outsiders.

Topics for this podcast

  • Meros 1 year Birthday
  • Creating Meros documentation
  • Mainnet release date
  • Light nodes
  • Funding models

Meros is the brainchild of prodigious talent Luke 'Kayaba' Parker, It fuses DAG and Blockchain technologies together to create a truly remarkable Cryptocurrency which has the speed of a DAG and the security of a blockchain. With no ICO and a young vibrant yet experienced community, Meros has had the VC's circling for some months now. Stay tuned monthly to this podcast to keep updated as Ember moves from Concept, to testnet to mainnet and beyond!

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