Steemit Crypto Feeds Now Added to DBN News Feed Aggregates & Other Crypto Updates

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More ways to promote Steemit to the world.

If you take a look around on Daily Bitcoin News today you will notice I have added new feeds to the site. There is a direct feed on the right hand side that you can see are the main Steemit bitcoin/crypto headline links that will take you directly to the articles on These same feeds that are pulled from the site every 15 minutes also appear in the "Latest Crypto Headlines" list so that there are options for seeing these headlines.

I've also added a new front page feed that reflects all of the blogs I post on Steemit that you can now see titled "DBN Steemit Posts". Most of the blogs I make will be mostly on Steemit for now until I can figure out how to put DBN on the blockchain to serve as a way to have a permanent place on the internet. The articles on DBN will now mostly be updates, like this one.

Just to remind everyone who reads this; I do not utilize any form of revenue from having these links on DBN other than what comes from my Steemit posts. So, when you click on a link you get the actual link, and I do not plan to have ads all over my site, either. However, I can not promise when you go to another one of the websites I have in my aggregate will be ad free. In fact a lot of the sites do have these overbearing ads all over the site. This is part of why I wanted to have this site built to provide people with a way to read/skim the headlines and choose whether or not if they want to go to the site. 

What Steemit Users Should Know

What this means is that now when I post daily on Steemit
Example: + Latest Headlines in All Things Crypto - 12/16/2016

Steemit links will be included with the lot. Up to this point great crypto blogs/articles have not been included with my list of news sources.

The intention/purpose is to provide promotion of everyone's blogs writing about crypto. It's also a place where people don't get bombarded by invasive annoying ads and can discover Steemit.

There's much more to come with this I have in mind. For instance when the feeds update they will also automatically post on other social media platforms with the links going directly to the source. All of this is to provide a free way of promoting/informing the world about Steemit and getting people to find out/join/etc...

This particular project is for those blogging about Bitcoin, Altcoins, Blockchain, etc... only. I have another project I am currently working on that will go beyond this one and promote everyone and their hard work.

Thanks for any upvotes/steem/reblogs/steem dollars/comments/follows!


You are doing well with these updates, really enjoy your headline news feeds, you've become my news reporter...hahaha... It's a great way for us all to catch up on most of what I want to read.

Thanks @muks! Yeah, having a list of links allows us to be able to quickly gage in what's going on on many levels. Generally, if major things are happening then you'll see those headlines be dominant. So, it's a great way to get caught up quick while on the run. Glad to hear you appreciate my service.

You do a great job. Follow!

Thank you @dolov. Followed you back :)

Ahahah....steemit dollar is on the rise. It will ended be known by a large number of people and increase on the popularity scale