A call to take action: Bitcoin ETF proposal--> Take 2 minutes of your time and follow the instruction

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This is your chance to be part of the historic Bitcoin ETF proposal, this is your chance to share your thoughts Securities and Exchange Commission, this is your chance to be part of the historic process. Only 90 comments, very disappointing, we can do better, we should do better.

Message from Csilla Brimer

We don’t often get the chance to make something happen within this space other than passively wait & watch our holdings go up and down in value, but this time we can actually help Bitcoin ETFs be approved by SEC

Please send a basic email to SEC about why do you think Blockchain / Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency is important

Takes 2 minutes. Send them a quick email
to [email protected]
Copy paste the Subject : Release Nr. 34-83520 File Nr SR-CboeBZX-2018-040

If Bitcoin ETF gets approved we would see a flood of investor cash.

28 Million Bitcoin wallets and
Yet only 90 comments on SEC’s website

Here is a good example of a comment


Do it for the tech
Do it for your holdings
Do it for the blockchain economy
Do it for the bull run

Actions Crypto Family!
Csilla Brimer

Steemians, I have done my part, I have shared my thoughts with the SEC and now I am asking you to be part of this historic process, if 200 Steemians, can be part of the process, then we would have done our job, lets go show our support, we have quite a few thought leaders, now is your chance to express yourself, now is the time it matters


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