Winklevoss Twins Top Secret ICO - Vault12 - almost sold out

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Vault12 - my next 10x ICO

Most people think you can't buy this ICO but it's not true!

Some investor decided to sell his allocation through this website:

You need to open an account and KYC and then you will see Vault12 contribution page like this:

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 01.03.25.png

You really gotta hurry cuz it's almost sold out.

Overall Raise Info:

  • Total: $40M cap

  • 0.1$ per token

  • 40% is being sold, 50% will be locked for 1 year. They wont sell more than 10% in one calendar year. 10% community rewards

  • 1st Presale Round: Closed $1.2M @ 30% discount + 1 year lockup

  • Syndicate Round: Max 10%

  • ICO: High chance of being canceled. Will be on coinlist = ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY
    Our deal: 5% bonus, no lock

Roadmap/plan: 1) (From telegram:) Wrapping up ICO activity and token issue next couple of months. 2) Public beta Oct this year - everyone will be able to play with demo you seen on your own phone, add guardians. all free, no tokens. 3) Q2 next year - public lunch with token economy. All Vaults and relays go commercial

What I like:
Crazy investors + hype
Great team
Good project idea
Token usage isn't bad but the app will have to be used

What I don't like:
ICO date if any is TBA.

Also one of the biggest minds in SV and AngelList owner invested: