Debt to GDP next we are heading to Bail In

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Today more debt is being passed onto the tax payers to unshackle the banks, next we will be refinancing them without choice through bail in. The criminals in government are seeking to destroy all the middle class and allow just the top 1% to retain wealth. Any asset they know about they will seek to tax or steal, get some money out of the system and hold the private keys privately for the sake of survival.

The world is insolvent, Europe is insolvent, USA is insolvent and Asia is ……………. you fill in the missing word.

Any money you hold in bank accounts is making the central banks and governments drool now, they are seeking the last of our capital to kickstart the final movement of wealth from the public to the ultra rich.

Should you hide some money??Of course you should, you should buy some crypto, some gold and some gemstones, you need to be able to carry your money in your pocket and mind.

In the coming weeks I will delete the line above, I happen to mine sapphires - if any of you want some and want to pay with crypto, I can sell some wholesale.
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My other advice is don't get involved in facebook coin- make sure you have some Bitcoin and be sure to know your word key.

Be wise and and be careful, start to prepare now.

Love you all