Help with crypto transactions and dealing with Margin trading and exchanges

in #bitcoin5 years ago

Have you had difficulties that you cannot work though? If so I am happy to help, I know from my own experience that things can be very difficult, and sometimes support is not helpful or not even available.

I have had 2 years experience and am now very competent with dealing with new trading difficulties, new exchanges and margin trading issues too. I am happy to help if your having some issues as I know how hard to can be to get help, and how how scared you can become when you think you may have lost access to your money.

For a start calm down, I reckon chances are that you have not lost anything and I can help you access your funds again.

Whether it is Bitcoin, Steem, Etherium, Litecoin or any Alt coins, I can help, and I can also help with silly mistakes and can try to point you in the right direction to sort out your problems.

I have experienced the fear and stress of not knowing if I will ever be able to withdraw my crypto. or if I have thought I might have lost access to it too, for that reason I want to help those with technical problems to sort out.

Nothing is worse than worrying about losing your capital.

I am fairly sure I can help you if you give me the details of your problem clearly.

Try to remain calm and I will sort it out for you if I can.

Whatever your problem, it is something we have probably all been through too.

Not to worry, it can be sorted and you will be ok.