Light at the end of the tunnel

in #bitcoin5 years ago


So according to a recent post by Powell, steem has been generating good income from advertisements. This is amazing news and it's only poised to grow as steem and crypto in general grow.

It's amazing the amount of transformations and growth that steem has seen since the coming of Powell into the seat of Steemit as managing director.

As far as I can tell, steem has left the realm of "not survivable" to "this can work" for me. With the numerous developments taking place, it's wonderful to see just what will come next.

Better news is the fact that if and revenues continue to increase, then Steemit Inc may one day stop selling large chunks of steem to run the blockchain.

This would have been done since 2017/2018, but the leadership at that time did not see it that way. Not only that, but if the revenue is high enough, it may be used to power community initiatives and suppliment authored rewards.

An amazing move like that could restore a lot of confidence in steem for sure.


I’m excited with this news! Hope is here at last for steem and for faithful steemians!

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